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From "Session Mwamufiya" <>
Subject RE: Running Dojo on a struts project
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2007 13:37:38 GMT
To follow up on this; I used firebug to try to figure out what was going on,
and this is the error message I get in the console:

djConfig.baseScriptUri has no properties
getBaseScriptUri()dojo.js (line 155)
loadPath("src/lang/__package__.js", "dojo.lang", undefined)dojo.js (line
loadModule("dojo.lang", undefined, undefined)dojo.js (line 341)
require("dojo.lang.*")dojo.js (line 419)
[Break on this error] if(djConfig.baseScriptUri.length){

There seems to be an error in the dojo.js file.  I'm using version 0.4.3
with ajax.  Can someone send me the link to a working version of the file?


Session A. Mwamufiya
Carnegie Mellon University
MBA | Tepper School of Business
MSE (software eng.) | School of Computer Science
T: (412) 508-5455 |

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From: Session A Mwamufiya [] 
Sent: Monday, September 03, 2007 9:08 AM
Subject: Running Dojo on a struts project


I'm attempting to follow a Dojo tree widget tutorial,, where Dojo is used to
define a tree.  Unfortunately nothing comes up on the page, even though the
page source shows the tree definition.

The tree page is set as the result page for a dummy action (which executes),
but that's the only connection I have between Dojo and struts.  Is there
anything in particular I need to do to get Dojo to run within a struts app?


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