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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: Struts 2 !!!OK!!! cannot we live without Spring?
Date Sat, 01 Sep 2007 18:45:26 GMT
Hayrol Reyes Mejía on 01/09/07 17:41, wrote:
> Ok, thanks guys.
> But it's not completely clear for me why to use: Struts2 + Spring2 +
> Hibernate3 ... if I can do the same with Struts2 + Hibernate3 avoiding a
> layer of possible problems. Maybe it's because I think of a MVC framework
> that provide me all the necessary to build the View of the application with
> JSP the controler with Actions and Mappings and the interface model with
> Hibernate without the need to look away for other solutions parts.

Dependency injection is a major enhancement of any framework that you would only 
_not_ want if you had a code base with another adequate solution already in 
place that provides similar functionality.

But Spring plus Hibernate just happens to be the current defacto standard 
framework combo adopted by most development teams who don't have time to make a 
new analysis of what's available or play with prototyping their architecture.

Have Struts2 downloads overtaken Struts1? I didn't think so.

Personally I wish I had the time to look into alternatives to Spring. I think 
all the AOP that's used for the /container/ style operations such as 
transactions and security are almost as bad as using the goto command in code! 
So EJB3 perhaps? I just don't have the time to try it out yet.


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