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From Hayrol Reyes Mejía <>
Subject RE: Animated Tutorial for Struts2
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 18:17:12 GMT
Hi Mohammad,

I have read your introductory Struts tutorial and I have the following comments:

1).- The tutorial is a very good overview of Struts.
2).- The shapes used are all they corrects for my point of view.
3).- The flow of both scenario are very good, and show the process correctly.
4).- I like the simplistic way that you are using to introduce the framework process and the
basic concepts also.

1).- The shape of the Class and Object are incomplete, because you had not represented the
methods into the shape. I would like the Class and Object representation with the fully and
common representation composed of Name, Attributes and Methods. You are representing the method
not inside the graphical object and it's not good for me.
2).- You have not showed a merged section of Java code in the Class and Object representation
.... As you do in the struts.xml and .jsp's ... I think that it could be useful to show it
for the reader (of course merged into the current slide).
3).- You don't leave clear about the differences of version 1.x against 2 (only when referring
to struts.xml as is). But as I now that this is not the purpose of the tutorial then you should
call it something like "Struts Overview - How it works in the background".
4).- The "primitives" definitely could be better.

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Enviado el: Martes, 04 de Septiembre de 2007 08:18 a.m.
Asunto: Animated Tutorial for Struts2


     Is there anybody who has read my tutorial.

      I want to start to implement some plugin for eclipse that works like
a debuger but an animated one.
      If you think that the shapes that was used in this tutorial is
understandable, please inform me because I want to use these shapes
in my plugin for example for object, method call, value stack and
some other shapes.

      If any body read the tutorial, I will be very happy if he/she gives
me his/her opinion about this shapes and animations.

--kind regards
Mohammad SeyedAlavi

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