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From chengas123 <>
Subject RE: [s2] Struts head tag KILLS (> 10s) page load time
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 14:26:43 GMT

Converting the tags to use the new library wasn't very hard except that I
can't seem to get the new tags to work.  I turned the debugging on in the
head tag and the only debug message I got was "DEBUG: please consider using
a mimetype of text/json-comment-filtered to avoid potential security issues
with JSON endpoints."  I've placed the relevant code from my .jsp below.  Is
there anything I forgot when converting to 2.1 besides the steps Nicholas
mentioned?  I do see my action being called when I type in the autocompleter
box.  If I manually visit the URL I am given the following JSON:
{"1":"Internet Services"}

<%@ taglib prefix="sx" uri="/struts-dojo-tags" %>
<sx:head cache="true" debug="true" />
<sx:autocompleter label="Department" forceValidOption="true"
    cssStyle="width:132px; height:18px; border:1px solid #7B9EBD"
    name="department" required="true" href="%{departmentList}"
    loadOnTextChange="true" showDownArrow="false"
    searchType="substring" />


Engelking, Nicholas wrote:
> One thing to keep in mind is that you will have to migrate from the old
> struts tags with theme="ajax" to the new ajax specific struts tags. I
> found that the new tags were basically the same as the old ones, but I did
> have to go through, drop the theme, and change the tag library. It's
> probably something that you can automate with regular expression though.
> On a side note, I am in the process of migrating out of dojo for
> performance reasons. Even with the new caching feature, turning
> parseContent off, and using the tomcat native library, widget loading in
> the browser (especially i.e. 6, which is our target platform) is slow.
> Server response times are quick, but it just takes the dojo framework a
> long time to register a high number of widgets per page (in one case over
> 600 in our site). I think the sight could benefit from some paging to cut
> down on browser load and fight information overload for the user, but I am
> not in control of the interface spec and it is not possible to have it
> changed. I am still looking for something faster or perhaps we will have
> to go back to (heaven forbid) framesets. Or maybe I will get really lucky
> and UI will realize that they need to change their spec.
> -Nick
>>Yes, it is working for me now.  I checked out the project and did not have
>>change any of the pom.xml files.  I will let you know how my performance
>>tests go with the new plug in.

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