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From ravi_eze <>
Subject Re: checkbox interceptor
Date Mon, 24 Dec 2007 16:12:26 GMT

one update:

when i write as:
	<s:iterator status="s" value="languageMap" >
		<s:checkbox label="%{top.value}"
value="%{selectedClientLangList.contains(top.key)}" id="%{top.key}"
fieldValue="%{top.key}" name="selectedClientLangList" theme="ajax" />

i see in html source: <input type="hidden" name="__checkbox_..." 

but if u use:
	<s:checkboxlist label="Client Language" list="languageMap"
name="selectedClientLangList" /> 
but this doesnt produce : __checkbox_ named fields at all!

the problem is when i write ajax validations: the CASE 2 doesnt produce
onblur() functions and hence doesnt get validated. The CASE1 produces
onblur() functions but this fellow doesnt produce __checkbox_ names
hiddenfields and hence the checkbox interceptor has no effect.

it seems like both of these cannot happen simultaneously or i m going wrong
somewhere.... any help??? 


ravi_eze wrote:
> hi,
> i have a form which has multiple checkbox lists in it. by default in each
> of the checkboxes few of them are selected. The problem is: when user
> unchecks all the boxes and submits the form is getting submitted with the
> default values.
> When i am using checkbox interceptor, and view source of the page i see
> the __checkbox_ is appearing to first of the list and not to all of the
> checkbox -lists! and even this gets submitted as a list with values
> [false] instead of [] list. Added, this is not happening to all check
> boxes list.
> it seems like the checkbox interceptor is happening for the 1st checkbox
> list and not to all. more over i need an empty list to be submitted
> instead of a list with [false] in it. is this not possible?

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