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From Mark McLaren <>
Subject Re: Configuring Struts to use UTF-8 character encoding
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2007 11:34:18 GMT
To muddy the waters a little further!  If for some reason (e.g. you are 
writing a JSR168 portlet) you cannot use a servlet filters to force 
UTF-8 encoding, you can alternatively use a ServletRequestListener.



Adam Gordon wrote:
> So, for posterity, we finally got this working.  After several days of 
> playing around with a sandbox Struts application that worked, but our 
> webapp that didn't, we finally realized that the ORDER of the filters 
> matters (duh...).  We put the character encoding filter first in our 
> chain and it fixed everything.
> The problem was it was initially #3 in the chain and in filter #2 I 
> was reading parameters off the request to look for specific parameters 
> to mitigate another bug we'd found in production and apparently, 
> whether by design or otherwise, once you read parameters off the 
> request setting the character encoding afterwards appears to have no 
> effect.  As mentioned above, moving the character encoding filter to 
> #1 in the chain fixed it.
> Adam Gordon wrote:
>> I didn't know that page existed though it's essentially what I wound 
>> up doing.  My only concern now is that it affects our entire webapp 
>> and while QA was going to do a full regression anyway, I'm wondering 
>> what potential problems are now lurking in the deep, dark corners of 
>> our web forms...
>> Thanks for the link.
>> --adam
>> Ted Husted wrote:
>>> On Nov 28, 2007 10:53 AM, Adam Gordon <> 
>>> wrote:
>>>> What about the use of a filter to set the character encoding?  Is this
>>>> the only way to go for Struts?
>>> I'd say so. It might be possible to add something to the
>>> ActionServlet, but the solution wouldn't be any less "heavy handed"
>>> than using a filter. This sort of thing is why filters were invented
>>> :)
>>> There's a page on the Tomcat wiki that talks about setting up a UTF
>>> filter, if you haven't seen it.
>>>  *
>>> -Ted.

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