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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: Display tag and target div
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 10:49:54 GMT
quinquin2209 wrote:
> Thanks for reply. But I encounter this problem:
> In my main.jsp is the tab panel as follow:
> <s:url id="messageList" value="/member/list.action" />
> <s:tabbedPanel id="test2" theme="simple">
> 	<s:div id="1" label="ALL" theme="ajax" href="%{messageList}"
> loadingText="Loading..." refreshOnShow="true" />
> </s:tabbedPanel>
> And in my memberList.jsp, the display tag is defined as follow:
> <display:table name="messages" pagesize="18" requestURI=""> 
>     <display:column property="Id" title="ID" sortable="true"
> headerClass="sortable" />
>     <display:column property="Type" title="version" />
>     <display:column property="issueDate" title="Date" sortable="true"
> headerClass="sortable"/>
> </display:table>
> when I click on the sort hyperlink, it direct me to
> http://localhost:8080/app/folder/?dojo.preventCache=1197368118484&d-49653-s=3&d-49653-o=2
> where the page is not found. And also the whole page refresh instead of the
> div in tab pannel. 
I presume you mean want the only table to refresh when the user clicks 
on a column header, not the entire tab and not the entire page. 

I have two suggestions at this point:
  1.  Try setting the requestURI to the URL of your action. Clearly when 
it does a sort it's going to the wrong URL  and we just have to force it 
to go to the right place.  Without the attribute it uses the JSP name, 
with blank it's literally using blank (which normally works), so now try 
the URL you would expect:

<display:table name="messages" pagesize="18" requestURI="/member/list.action"> 

  2. modify s:url to state that only get parameters are included.

<s:url id="messageList" includeParams="get" value="/member/list.action" />

I don't see why it would make a difference in this case, but for more 
information see
The objective is to remove things that may interfere with display tags 
build-in sort functionality.

Hope that helps.

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