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From "Alberto A. Flores" <>
Subject Re: form bean directly into session
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 21:52:35 GMT

> I have a form with many, many fields on it.  I would like to process some of them in
my Action but get all them into the session object so my forwarded jsp can use them as the
values.  So may I ask:
> 1.  How can I put the entire form bean from an action into the session scope without
extracting each name/value pair and individually putting that in the session?
Set scope="session" in struts-config mapping.

> 2.  From the forwarded jsp, how do I access the placed form bean and use the getters
for the value of input fields?  Thank you.
use struts tags, where the bean name is the name of the form as defined 
in struts-config. Alternatively, you could use JSTL to access these 
forms (beans) as well.


Alberto A. Flores

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