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From "Alberto A. Flores" <>
Subject Re: form bean directly into session
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2007 03:18:23 GMT
> However, how do I refer to my placed formBean from a struts tag?  
One way to do it would be:

<c:set var="foo" value="${myFormInSession.fname}"/>

now "foo" is a variable within your JSP page with the value "fname" from 
your form.

How does it know the difference from my formBean and the default 
formBean created from ApplicationResources?
FormBeans are created on demand according to the mapping of the 
requested resource. This means that if the request mapping was 
"" with scope="request", then a new Form will be instantiated, 
otherwise the form will be looked in the HttpSession object. If none is 
there, a new one will be instantiated and placed there as an attribute. 
I guess I never heard of "applicationResources" creating forms (such 
file typically contains resource bundles)

  Can I refer to it as:
> <html:text property="fname" value="${myFormBeanName.fname}"/> 
This should be valid code, however keep in mind that this is only 
because the "myFormBeanName" bean (Form) is in scope (session). If it 
wouldn't, this would have thrown an NPE. I believe the correct 
expression should be:

   <html:text name="myFormBeanName" property="fname" />

 From the documentation 

"The attribute name of the bean whose properties are consulted when 
rendering the current value of this input field. If not specified, the 
bean associated with the form tag we are nested within is utilized."

The default value of the <html:text ...> tag is to load the current 
value of the "fname" from the Form object mapped to the surrounding 
<html:form>. Using it this way (as you wrote will always force to use 
the Form object in session.


Alberto A. Flores

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