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From "Alberto A. Flores" <>
Subject Resource Bundles and token replacement
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2007 22:11:30 GMT
In struts 1.x, a resource bundle can have:

errors.required={0} is required.

And the validation.xml files will have a param set to the token (key) to 
be plugged in the {0} variable. Is there such a functionality in Struts 2?

I have been able to only print one resource bundle using the key 
attribute in the <message key=""> tag. The closes I've made it is to 
display the name of the validated field doing:

errors.required=${getText(fieldName}} is required.

If the only alternatively is to write my own template, can someone point 
in the right direction in where, how to get started.

Hope this is not a big question.



Alberto A. Flores

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