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From Joachim Ansorg <>
Subject [S2] Writing an enhanced tree component...
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2007 15:17:36 GMT
Hi all,
for the application I'm working on I need a tree component which is more 
configurable/capable than the current Struts2 s:tree component.

Basically I want to use it like this:
<t:tree rootNode="%{rootNode}" typeProperty="type" 
    <t:treeNode type="group">
       <s:property value="%{name}" />

    <t:treeNode type="item">
       <s:a><s:property value="%{name}" /></s:a>

Depending on the type of the current node one of the two childNodes 
should be rendered in the tree structure.
This is similair to the MyFaces tree2 component.

I looked at the implementation of several struts2 components/tags, 
started to write my own tag, etc.
Btw, writing struts2 tags is really hard, imho. Almost no documentation 
in the code, no tutorials and books about it.

I don't know how to render the content of the chosen contained treeNodes 
on demand. I just see a way to repeatedly render the whole body of the tree.
How would you write such a component? How could I solve this?

Thanks a lot for any hints!

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