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From Pablo Vázquez Blázquez <>
Subject Re: Struts 2.0.9 + Ajax tags + IE7
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2007 15:50:40 GMT
First all, thank you for your reply.

I´m giving you an example:

I have the following jspx:

****** CODE ***************************
<jsp:root xmlns=""
<s:form id="editProject" name="editProject" theme="ajax" 

    <jsp:directive.include file="ProjectDetails.jspf"/>



where ProjectDetails.jspf is:

****** CODE ***************************

<div class="field">
    <span class="label">
        <fmt:message key="EditProject.projectName"/>*:
    <span class="entry">
         <s:textfield name="projectName"
                size="20" maxlength="50" required="true"/>
         <span id="errorId" class="errorMessage">
            <s:property value="fieldErrors['projectName'][0]" />
<div class="field">       
    <span class="label">
        <fmt:message key="EditProject.projectDescription"/>*:
    <span class="entry">   
        <s:textfield name="projectDescription"
                size="40" maxlength="100" required="true"/>
        <span id="errorId" class="errorMessage">
            <s:property value="fieldErrors['projectDescription'][0]" />

<!-- Buttons -->
<div class="button">
    <span class="buttonLeft">
        <s:submit type="button" notifyTopics="/submitProjectForm"
                targets="workspaceAjaxContent" executeScripts="true"
                loadingText=" " indicator="indicator" cssClass="submit">
            <s:param name="value">
                <fmt:message key="Buttons.accept"/>
    <span class="buttonRight">
        <!-- cancelar -->
        <s:url id="CancelUrl" action="CancelWorkspace"/>
        <s:submit type="button" targets="workspaceAjaxContent"
                loadingText=" " cssClass="reset" href="${CancelUrl}">
            <s:param name="value">
                <fmt:message key="Buttons.cancel"/>


If I click Cancel, it works OK (CancelWorkspace is an action with no 
logic, just returns a jspx page), but if I click on Accept it is 
suppossed to be executed some logic, but, misteriously (at least for 
me), I get a validation error (even if I write data in form fields).

Another example is a s:select where I execute an action whenever I 
change the selected option (this option is the action's parameter). 
Well, this action is not fired, because it does not stop at the 
breakpoints I have in my code, and I don´t know why.

BTW, those things happens in Internet Explorer in general (IE6, IE7).

Jeromy Evans escribió:
> Pablo Vázquez Blázquez wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I´m building a web application using Struts 2.0.9. Till now, I have 
>> been using only Firefox to check it works successfully and it was OK, 
>> but now, when the development process is being finished I tried the 
>> application in IE7 and no Ajax tag work!! Is it a bug?? Which is the 
>> best way to solve this problem? Any help would be grateful.
>> Regards.
> I don't think anything works first try in IE7 if you've only tested 
> with FF.  For one site I look after, 89% of the users still use IE6 
> and it causes me so much grief...
> Another user recently reported that the autocompleter tag doesn't work 
> in IE7 but I haven't used it so can't really comment.  There was once 
> talk about IE bombing out if JSON contains a trailing comma but I 
> think that was fixed.
> However, I have used all other 2.0.x ajax tags and they work okay in 
> IE7 with two exceptions:
>  - if the target of an ajax tag is a parent node that contains the 
> form, it will overwrite the form with the loading text before actually 
> submitting it.  The only work-around is to turn off the Loading Text 
> message.
>  - dojo 0.4.x has a bug in IE7 SSL and a patch is required to fix it 
> (page contains both secure and unsecure items)
> More often than not, my most frequent IE7-specific javascript error is 
> a missing semi-colon somewhere.  FF is more tolerant of these.  I 
> usually dump debug messages throughout the javascript to isolate how 
> far the JS executed.  An easy way to do that is using 
> window.status="I'm here #1";  Alternatively a validator can be run 
> over it, but if haven't written your own JS this won't really help.
> Use Fiddler to inspect your XHR and CSS.  Frontpage includes a 
> rudimentary javascript debugger for IE.
> Otherwise, start turning things off to isolate it.
> Hope that helps,
> Jeromy Evans
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