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From Gary Affonso <>
Subject Re: struts 2 vs struts 1+spring
Date Sat, 22 Dec 2007 04:27:29 GMT
Joe Yuen wrote:
> Well, that's kind of the essence of the question. What would you
> loose if you did? It seems to me that there is quite a bit over
> overlap  to Struts2 and Spring.

I guess it depends on the app.  In most spring apps I've worked with 
losing Spring is sort of like losing the hub of a wagon-wheel and a 
bunch of the spokes.  It aint gonna roll far, it certainly aint gonna 
take any weight.

But maybe you inherited your app so you don't understand the value of 
Spring?  In that case definitely go climb the curve.  Or at least read 
some articles about why it's so cool.  This list is probably not the 
place to get a Spring education.

Or maybe you have an app where the use of Spring was just overkill? 
This happens.  Spring comes with some complexity of its own and that 
complexity is completely unnecessary for very simple webapps (like a 
single form processing servlet).  So if your app is very simple then 
Spring may, indeed, by buying you nothing but unnecessary headaches.

Or maybe you're confusing Spring MVC (a small *portion* of the Spring 
framework) with Spring as a whole?  Spring MVC does directly compete 
with S2 and other webapp frameworks.  I don't use it, I don't recommend 
it.  But Spring MVC is a small portion of the whole framework and very 
easy to ignore.  The other 85% should leave you with a very good feeling 
in your pants.

Or maybe you're just using Spring for one little thing (like an smtp 
library) and nothing else?  I've seen this, too.  Spring is like a 
buffet.  You can take what you want and you can pretty much ignore 
everything else.  You just want the pudding?  Just eat the pudding.

But it's when you fill your plate with some of each dish that Spring 
really shines.  Each dish perfectly compliments another and the sum 
really is more than the parts.

But even if you are just eating some pudding, even that alone might be 
reason enough to keep Spring.  Spring has some great tasting pudding.

- Gary

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