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From Sebastian Göttschkes <>
Subject AW: Re: Message resources configuration
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2007 09:18:06 GMT

>Laurie Harper wrote:
>Sebastian Göttschkes wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm experiencing strange behaviours with the message resources and I'm not sure about
where to find the problem.
>> I defined the message resources in the struts-config.xml:
>> <!-- ==== Message Resources Definitions ==== -->
>> <message-resources parameter="com.equitystory.pms.resources.ApplicationResources"
>> In the folder named in the xml (Resources/src/com/equitystory/pms/resources/), I
created the following files:
>> When accessing the application with a browser "speaking" "de", I see the correct
messages, but sometimes log4j is telling me that is
missing. I created this file and left it empty.
>> When accessing the application with an browser "pseaking" "en", the application is
mixed up with german and english messages (as defined in the ApplicationResources). I created and left it empty, and now everything works fine. 
>> The problem I now got is what happens if someone with a browser "speaking" another
language is accessing the application? It would be great if there would be an easier solution
with just the two files I named above and struts using the default file if there is no language-specific
file (e.g. "" for every browser speaking "de" and ""
for all other languages).
>Everything *should* work just as you describe... You shouldn't need the 
>empty files, and resource lookup should automatically walk 'up' the 
>hierarchy from to 
> to, 
>skipping files that don't exist and using the messages defined in the 
>most specific file that *does* exist.

>I would suggest deleting your empty files and then trying to determine 
>why you get a mixture of English and German when you're expecting to get 
>everything in one language or the other. It sounds like a problem with 
>how you have internationalized and/or localized the application -- e.g. 
>maybe you have some of your messages hard-coded still, or messages 
>missing from one of the properties files.

The strange thing is I didn't change anything except for the two empty files I created. So
I can say that the problem isn't hard-coded text in the application or messages missing in
one or the other resource. Maybe I got something wrong with the configuration? Is there another
file where I have to configurate something related to the message resources except for the
struts-config.xml I mentioned above?


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