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From "Al Sutton" <>
Subject RE: Application logs
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2007 07:27:10 GMT
Is there any reason to not use the JDK logging facilities these days if
you're just looking for a basic logging solution? 

I've seen classpath conflicts caused by log4j, and I'm not a fan of adding
extra levels of abstraction (such as commons-logging) when the JDK logger
does the job for most webapps, so Raghuveer, is there any reason you're
logging at using commons-logging, or are you just looking to use it because
other people have?

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From: Adam Hardy [] 
Sent: 27 December 2007 15:42
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: Application logs

Raghuveer on 27/12/07 05:04, wrote:
> Is there way in struts to use logging configuration by declaratively.?
> What is the role of commons logging..
> How to use this directly in code java files and jsp files?

Hi again,

commons-logging is a logging-framework-neutral wrapper, the use of which
allows you to swap between log4j and JDK logging (and other logging
frameworks) without code changes.

Check out the Jakarta commons website for details.

For JSP, check out the commons-taglib logging tags, e.g.

<log:debug category="com.jsp.account.jsp">blablabla</log:debug>

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