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From "Jeff Amiel" <>
Subject return content (like PDF) but also forward/redirect....
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 15:01:02 GMT
I'm beating myself against a wall here .  Struts 1.X project (but
shouldn't matter if was 2.X either).
I have a JSP page with form containing checkboxes where a user selects
which items he wants to 'print'.
Submission of form to action which generates the PDF...and places it
in the response (setting content type to application/pdf) and the
action itself returns null.

Works great (in that the PDF is generated and returned (and the local
OS launches acrobat to view it).  Problem is that the JSP is still
displayed with the checkboxes checked.....(those items are actually no
longer available for printing).

I have found no way to return the PDF content AND forward to a
different action/page.....
I can't 'embed' the pdf on a page that I can forward to as the PDF is
generated dynamically.....
I've played around with some javascript to 'hide' the elements when
the 'submit' button is hit, but it really sucks.

Any other suggestions?

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