Thanks a lot. I understand it now. Jeromy Evans - Blue Sky Minds wrote: > > quinquin2209 wrote: >> I have a page which has a tabbed panel and all tab is remote tab: >> >> main.jsp >> >> >> >> >> >> > loadingText="Loading..." /> >> > loadingText="Loading..." /> >> > loadingText="Loading..." /> >> >> >> >> >> The external page loaded has a form where a list of checkbox of different >> value will be shown base on the id parameter. >> > By "external" page, I presume you mean the result that is fetched and > loaded INTO each tab. >> Now I wanna put a input button at the top of the tab panel. When the >> button >> is pressed, it will pass the value in the form of external page to the >> action for further processing. >> Is it possible to do so?? How can I get the form input from an external >> page? >> > Yes. The way to think about it is to focus on the imporant fact that > there's only one document model (DOM). Unless you're using frames, there > is really only one DOM that has been aggregated from multiple sources. > Dojo does the work for you - fetching the html, parsing it, inserting it > into the DOM and (if desired) executing the javascript within it. > > The best way to visualise this is to install the Web Developer Toolbar > into Firefox and use the View Generated Source button. This shows you > the actual DOM (whereas, the default View Source only shows the original > DOM). > > With that in mind, the form outside your tab is on the same page (DOM) > as the forms inside your tabs. You just need to use some javascript to > tie them together and document.getElementById(id) will work as too will > document.formName. > > If you want javascript inside a tab, don't forget to add the additional > s:div parameters to ensure dojo doesn't strip it out. > > Hope that helps. > Jeromy Evans > > --------------------------------------------------------------------- > To unsubscribe, e-mail: > For additional commands, e-mail: > > > -- View this message in context: Sent from the Struts - User mailing list archive at --------------------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail: