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From Pablo Vázquez Blázquez <>
Subject Re: TabbedPanel question
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2008 15:49:34 GMT
Thank you for your reply.

I already had done sth similar as your 2nd point, but I´m having still a 
problem. My javascript code is executed before the document is loaded in 
the browser, so it changes my tab color (the one I want), but, then, it 
becames to the original color (because the load of the page overrides my 
changes). Do you know how can I do to execute this js code *after* the 
page is loaded?

Jeromy Evans escribió:
> Hi Pablo,
> This is probably too late for you, but take a look at the generated 
> HTML for the tabs.
> Unfortunately you'll see that each tab itself doesn't have a unique ID 
> (each container does, but not the tab itself).
> Each tab is assembled from a couple of divs and spans based on a 
> "sliding doors" css pattern.
> The selected tab nodes have a different style than the non-selected, 
> but otherwise they're all the same pattern.
> Unless dojo has a method in the widget already (which I don't know 
> of), you can change the style of each individual tab only in two ways:
>  a. use CSS3 selectors to apply style to the divs/spans based on their 
> position in the DOM (eg. the 3rd div has a green image).  It won't 
> work in IE though.
>  b. use javascript to simulate the same effect: iterate through these 
> nodes in the DOM and assign additional classes to them based on the 
> tab number/current tab. If you take the time to understand the 
> structure it'll be quite straightforward.
> Hope that helps.  Personally by now I would have started using a 
> widget from another library as you're not bound to use Dojo 0.4 with 
> Struts2.
> regards,
> Jeromy Evans
> Pablo Vázquez Blázquez wrote:
>> <script language="javascript">
>>        var tab = dojo.widget.byId("extractionTab");
>>       </script>
>> Where "extractionTab" is a tab (a local div) inside a tabbedpanel. 
>> Now how can I access to style attributes?? I have searched for widget 
>> attributes, but I couldn't find anything interesting.
>> Thanks,
>> Martin Gainty escribió:
>>> Pablo
>>> you can set highlightColor attribute which will set colour for any 
>>> ids specified via 
>>> targets=
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>>> Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 08:54:30 +0100> From:> 
>>> To:> Subject: Re: TabbedPanel question> > 
>>> Does somebody know if it is possible? I have a tabbedpanel and I 
>>> would > like to paint a tab in a different color if there is any 
>>> validation > error inside it.> > Thanks.> > Pablo Vázquez Blázquez

>>> escribió:> > Is it possible to paint each tab in the tabbedpanel in 
>>> a diferent > > color? I´m using Struts 2.0.9> >> > Thanks.>
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