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From Pablo Vázquez Blázquez <>
Subject Re: File Upload
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 12:45:28 GMT
Well, if I begin my Plugins.jspx with a div tag, it works (before, the 
begin was a jsp:root tag). But, when the response is loaded (it is the 
same page but with a new plugin entry), the "delete" link is bad created.
So, 2 questions:

a) why didn´t it work with jsp:root?
b) why delete links are bad generated if, when I access normally to the 
page, they are fine? (Now, they dont work with ajax. I click and go to 
the "whole url").
c) Why if I don´t comment the cancel button it doesn´t work?

Thanks to everybody who has helped me.


I can´t send you my Plugins.jspx because my message is recognized as 
spam... I would be pleased sending it to you by personal email if you wish.

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