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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: Spring MVC & Struts 2 Pros/Cons
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 13:35:30 GMT
When I read your first question, I thought you might be a troll, because that is 
often the first question in a flame war. But it seems you are genuine, so here 
are my pros and cons of struts vs spring mvc, based on the use of spring webflow 
(using spring mvc underneath):

- struts interceptor architecture gives great pluggability for little cost
- struts taglibs are better than spring's with the caveat that there is a little 
problem with jstl and expression lang at the moment unless you go for v2.0.9 and 
turn off OGNL for safety
- struts has more bells and whistles than any one person can use because it 
caters for so much
- spring mvc has simplicity
- on the other hand, spring mvc sucks in the whole spring non-container 
container dependency tree
- struts is mostly more intuitive
- imho the learning curve on struts2 is bigger

hoffmandirt on 22/01/08 15:36, wrote:
> Thank you for your reply.  I am setting up test applications as we speak. 
> Can you name off some features that you like about Struts 2?
> Laurie Harper wrote:
>> hoffmandirt wrote:
>>> What are the pros and cons, in your opinion, when choosing Struts 2 over
>>> Spring or Spring over Struts 2? I am trying to determine which framework
>>> to
>>> select and the last one I used was Spring 1.x and I liked it a lot. So I
>>> am
>>> a little biased and I want to jump the gun and use Spring, but I want to
>>> make sure because it seems like Struts 2 has a lot to offer and is very
>>> similar to Spring. So I want to hear the best and the worst from both
>>> frameworks. So what do you guys think?
>> I haven't used Spring MVC, but I know there are people here who have and 
>> prefer Struts. I'm sure if you were to ask the same question of the 
>> Spring MVC folks you'd find people who had used both and preferred 
>> Spring :-)
>> Each framework has its strengths and weakness, and either will probably 
>> get the job done. Your best bet is to browse the Struts documentation to 
>> get a feel for what features it might offer that Spring MVC doesn't (for 
>> example, through some of the plugins) and vica versa, and then to build 
>> a small test project using Struts2 to give you a hands-on basis for 
>> comparison.
>> Others here may be able to offer some more informed insight too :-)

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