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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: preparable vs modelDriven
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2008 16:25:36 GMT
Dave Newton on 31/01/08 16:00, wrote:
> Adam Hardy <> wrote:
>> Dave Newton on 31/01/08 15:29, wrote:
>>> Adam Hardy <> wrote:
>>>> * ModelDriven: how do I get hold of my model during my action methods? I
>>>> don't  want to get getModel() again, because that will retrieve another
>>>> instance of the  entity and not the one that was populated by struts.
>>> Lazy initialization (via null check or by setting an instance var), or
>>> config through Spring, or...
>> If your getModel() puts the model entity on an instance variable, won't
>> that confuse the param interceptor? 
> Depends on what instance variable you put it in, I suppose. One of your
> questions was how to access the model object w/o running through a getModel()
> method that would re-instantiate; lazily initializing an instance variable in
> getModel() then using that instance variable is one way of dealing with that.

OK, that makes sense now, thanks. What I thought would be the more obvious way 
of obtaining the model would be to fetch it from where struts puts it when it 
calls getModel(), i.e. the value stack, however I don't see any access methods 
for doing that, particulary on ActionSupport.


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