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From "Stanley, Eric" <>
Subject Doubleselect tag
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2008 23:07:15 GMT
I'd like to have a pair of selects, the first one controlling the
content of the next. I understand that the <s:doublselect /> tag makes
this possible. I just can't make it work. I tried just copying the
<s:doubleselect label="doubleselect test1" name="menu"
list="{'fruit','other'}" doubleName="dishes" doubleList="top == 'fruit'
? {'apple', 'orange'} : {'monkey', 'chicken'}" />
<s:doubleselect label="doubleselect test2" name="menu"
list="#{'fruit':'Nice Fruits', 'other':'Other Dishes'}"
doubleName="dishes" doubleList="top == 'fruit' ? {'apple', 'orange'} :
{'monkey', 'chicken'}" />
And it does not work either. It populates both selects automatically,
and the second select never changes content based on the first. They
just seem static. I'm sure I'm looking at this the wrong way, so I could
use some clarity. Thanks in advance.

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