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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: ognl exceptions
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2008 23:16:23 GMT
Dave Newton wrote:
> --- Brian Relph <> wrote:
>> Although this would work for me personally during development, i am not the
>> first line of tech support... So when something breaks, and tech support
>> turns logging up to debug, i would like them not to have a bunch of extra
>> exceptions in their logs.  As well, i do not expect them to have any
>> knowledge of my technologies, so for them to turn down the logging on stuff
>> to ignore, would result in them asking me what they should ignore, as well
>> as them asking me how to ignore it.  So, can i bypass this whole thing, and
>> fix these exceptions before i release?
> They're DEBUG-level exceptions, i.e., not critical to normal operations, but
> during DEBUGging may be useful. Short answer, no.

Less short answer: ship with a logging configuration that specifies what 
to ignore so that when tech support turns up the logging, they don't see 
whatever you don't want them to. You can't change what's sent to the 
logging system (short of modifying the Xwork/Struts code at least), but 
you can pre-configure the logging however you want.


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