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From "Vinicius Cubas Brand" <>
Subject persistence and doubts on usage of hibernate in struts 2
Date Fri, 29 Feb 2008 12:23:23 GMT
Hello. I am having a problem with the usage of hibernate and its persistence 

I have an Action with a method for creation of an entity type and other 
method for updating. This action implements a Preparable and in its method 
prepare() I verify if the entity is being created or updated, depending if 
an ID came from the jsp form.

public void prepare() throws Exception {
if (getId() == null) {
operador = new Operador();
} else {
operador = getSegurancaService().carregarOperador(id);

(This Operador is a model with a corresponding table on the database.)

Before saving, I have a condition to verify. I need to verify if there is 
another row in the table Operador in the database with the same value in the 
field, for instance. In my previous systems working with 
another languages, I did the following in this case:

- fetch object from database
- update its properties with the form values
- made the necessary validations, and IF the validations pass, save the 
object (for instance calling a method I am doing manual 
validations in the action.

However, for hibernate this does not work, because it considers the updated 
object as part of the database. So when I  try to fetch in the database to 
see if there is already a row with field with the value 
entered in the form, the Hibernate automatically saves the current operador 
before fetching and will ever find a row (the current) with the desired 
value for e-mail field.

Is there some way to disable this auto-saving behaviour in Hibernate?

I thought about ever creating a new object to receive the form data, after 
that make the validations I need to, and after the validations pass, get the 
object I want to update from the database and do a kind of merge between the 
new object with the form data and the object from the database;

What do you do in these situations? What do you recommend? thanks.

Vinicius Cubas Brand
Software para Clientes 

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