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From Paranoid_Fabio <>
Subject Re: Parameters in URL
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2008 20:27:49 GMT

Ok.I've read that but even using includeParams="none" params are shown in the
URL. My code is like this:

<s:url id="en" action="showAdminPage" includeParams="false">
         	<s:param name="request_locale">en_US</s:param>
         <s:a href="%{en}">

When the user clicks on the English flag, the "showAdminPage" is called
switching the Locale. I'm using the "url" tag correctly.Am I? 
Clicking on the link, the browser shows
"../showAdminPage.action?request_locale=en_US e the parameter remains
displayed when i call other actions from the new jsp.
What i'm doing wrong?

Paranoid_Fabio wrote:
> Hi, i'm new to struts. I'm developing a web application and I can't
> understand why parameters still in the url beetwen actions calls. I try to
> explain it better (sorry for my poor english):
> I call "myAction?paramx=valuex" and the url becomes
> ".../myAction?paramx=valuex" correctly.
> Then, my new displayed JSP call "myAction2" but the shown url is
> ".../myAction?paramx=valuex" even if i invoked myAction2 without any
> parameter.
> So I've two questions:
> 1)It's only a display thing or paramx=valuex is actually passed also to
> myAction2?
> 2)How I can avoid this behaviour?I read about includeparams=false in
> struts.xml, but I'm not sure if it's the   right solution... 
> Thank you in advance!!

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