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From carmi_cd <>
Subject [S2] form not retrieving values in IE
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2008 08:13:19 GMT

I have a form that works find in Firefox but when I tried to run it in
Internet Explorer, all the values
from the form input box are returned null. 

I dont know what should I do to fix this problem in IE, 
here is my form code

<s:form id="adminForm" name="adminForm" theme="ajax">
<s:textfield name="employeeId" id="employeeId" label="Employee ID"
labelposition="left" value="%{edituser.empId}" size="10"/>
<s:textfield name="lastname" id="lastname" label="Lastname"
labelposition="left" value="%{edituser.lastName}" size="30"/>
<s:textfield name="firstname" id="firstname" label="First Name"
labelposition="left" value="%{edituser.firstName}"  size="30"/>
<s:textfield name="middlename" id="middlename" label="Middle Name"
labelposition="left" value="%{edituser.middleName}" size="30"/>
<s:textfield name="position" id="position" label="Position"
labelposition="left" value="%{edituser.position}" size="40"/>
<s:textfield name="username" id="username" label="Username"
labelposition="left" value="%{edituser.userName}" size="15"/>
<s:textfield name="password" id="password" label="Password"
labelposition="left" value="%{edituser.password}" size="15"/>
<s:textfield name="password2" id="password2" label="Confirm Password"
value="%{edituser.password}" labelposition="left" size="15"/>

here is my action class code:
    public String save() {                
        UserBean userBean = new UserBean();
        User newUser = new User();
        selectedIds =getSelectedIds();         
        if(userid == null || userid.equals("false")){
        return SUCCESS;        

    public String getUserid() {
        return userid;

    public void setUserid(String value) {
        this.userid = value;
    public String[] getSelectedGroup() {       
        return selectedGroup;
    public void setSelectedGroup(String[] value) {

    public String getTask() {
        return task;

    public void setTask(String task) {
        this.task = task;

    public String getLastname() {
        return lastname;

    public void setLastname(String lastname) {
        this.lastname = lastname;

    public String getFirstname() {
        return firstname;

    public void setFirstname(String firstname) {
        this.firstname = firstname;

    public String getMiddlename() {
        return middlename;

    public void setMiddlename(String middlename) {
        this.middlename = middlename;

    public String getPosition() {
        return position;

    public void setPosition(String position) {
        this.position = position;

    public String getEmployeeId() {
        return employeeId;

    public void setEmployeeId(String employeeId) {
        this.employeeId = employeeId;

    public String getUsername() {
        return username;

    public void setUsername(String username) {
        this.username = username;

    public String getPassword() {
        return password;

    public void setPassword(String password) {
        this.password = password;
    public String getPassword2() {
        return password2;

    public void setPassword2(String password2) {
        this.password2 = password2;

I have getter and setter for every input field in my form, i dont know whats
causing the problem.
when I try to print out lastname, it said it is null.

please help me. this problem only appears in Internet Explorer. Thanks in

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