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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: Dynamic Results
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2008 22:33:41 GMT
--- wrote:
> I understand the quirky plug-in, but that does not explain 
> why OGNL is looking for a setHeight(String) on ChartResult!  

Because parameters can be for the result (for example, FreeMarkerResult's
"contentType" parameter).

> I am puzzled at why S2 is not executing getHeight() on my
> ChartAction and substituting the height and weight into
> these params.

I already told you; the JFreeChart result class doesn't parse parameters.
Evaluating parameters isn't a "it just happens" thing, it's dependent on how
the result is coded.

If you look at the code for StrutsResultSupport you'll see that there's a
method called conditionalParse() that handles that. The JFreeChart result
does not extend StrutsResultSupport; it is simply an implementation of
Result, and therefore does not evaluate expressions contained in its


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