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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: actions defined in a package are visible in other packages??
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2008 16:38:33 GMT
--- paulbrickell <> wrote:
> I had seen those, but the problem I was having was that at no point in the
> docs (afaik) is there an example of a URL to actually target an action in a
> namespace.

Noted, although the <s:action...> [1] and <s:url...>[2] tag documentation
does list the "namespace" attribute. I've added a task to add explicit

> Do not seem to work. However like this...
> <s:action name="do" namespace="space"/>
> does. 
> Annoyingly this...
> <s:action name="do.action" namespace="space"/> 
> doesn't seem to work either.

Correct, appending the prefix to <s:action...>, which already assumes you're
referring to an action, wouldn't work.

> And don't even get me started about using namespaced actions with the a
> tag. href="/space/do" doesn't work either.

Well, no, "href" is for a URL, not an action, and the docs explicitly build
the URL with <s:url...>

> And the final insult when the actions don't resolve properly it fails
> silently and all I get is an empty browser.:-/

I haven't seen that; do you have "devMode" turned on? Under what
circumstances do you get an empty browser?



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