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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: OT YUI slider post conntection
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2008 05:38:01 GMT
To get started, forget about Struts 2 for the moment.

Follow the YUI Slider examples provided by 
Attach your own listener to the slider and show convince yourself by 
updating a form field dynamically
If your content is not dynamic, your JSP can contain hidden divs and 
your javascript simply show and hide the divs.
Otherwise, use the YUI Connection Manager to get or post to a struts2 
action in your slider listener.  The action is just addressed by a URL 
(eg. /myaction.action)
If your action provides an HTML response, the callback function for the 
Connection Manager can insert that response into the page.
If your action needs to provide data, you can use the Struts2 JSON 
Plugin or a JSON or XML template with the action and your callback can 
use that object.

Hope that helps,
Jeromy Evans

bhaarat Sharma wrote:
> Hello
> I am trying to integrate struts2 with YUI.  Trying to make a slider
> bar that will have price range from 0 - 200 and when user moves the
> slider bar the items on the right are updated automatically based on
> the current position of the slider bar.  so Items on the right will be
> in different <div>'s i am guessing and will be slide up/down or
> show/hide based on the slider.
> I am lost as to where to begin with this. I havnt worked with YUI and
> struts 2 before.
> Any pointers where to start iwth this?
> Was thinking about just making something that shows/hides a div in YUI
> but ddint find an example of this in their vast # of examples :(
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