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From Adam Gordon <>
Subject Dead code parser/finder for Struts
Date Fri, 29 Feb 2008 18:55:51 GMT
Does anyone know if there's a server side library that can parse JSP 
pages (or the generated Java file) and look for dead Struts code?

We subbed out a project and recently took back control of the code due 
to various issues one of which was very poor code quality.  Looking 
through their JSP pages, we see bean:define tags everywhere for certain 
properties on the ActionForm bean in question.  It is my understanding 
that this tag is used to define objects that can then be used lower in 
the JSP page via EL.  There may be other features with this tag, but I 
believe this is the only use in their code.

The problem is that we believe that they are abusing these tags and half 
of the ones that litter the code aren't even actually used and wanted 
some way to verify this without removing them and then running the 
webapp to see what breaks.



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