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From Maxx <>
Subject Re: Evaluate a string property containing some OGNL expression
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 12:09:18 GMT
Of course the JSP if for prensentation.

But this kind of "complex" OGNL expression is computed as each
iteration of multiple <s:iterator> tags (that's why I put some X/Y/Z
variables, each resulting of a %{#someStatus.index} expression).

In fact, the myObj is exposed by the Action class through regular
getMyObj/setMyObj couple of getter/setter, and has to be used as the
target of a form.
It's just that it has a complex sub-/object hierarchy in its
structure, and this structured object is linked to some other one,
I'll call "presentation structure" (made of field categories,
fields...) presented in my JSP (to sum up things).


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