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From Dave Newton <>
Subject RE: AjaxTag 1.3 support?
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2008 23:55:12 GMT
--- "Griffith, Michael *" <> wrote:
> I guess I should have said freemarker instead of sitemesh...?

Most (all?) of the HTML-oriented tags are dependent on FreeMarker, not just
the Ajax tags. That's how themes and templates are implemented.

> At any rate, when the docs don't match the release, it's a bad thing.

If you have a solution for versioning the live wiki, we'd love to hear it.

Version-specific information is available by referring to a specific release
number as I've done below. In addition the exported wiki available in the
distribution matches the S2 version of that distro.

> I shouldn't need to do any of this should I?

I have no idea; depends on what you need to do.

> Can you point me at a simple, minimalist example of the <s:autocompleter>


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