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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: Newbie to Struts 2 - Question about Interceptors
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2008 17:09:08 GMT
daveck wrote:
> Hello,
> I need to put up a "Confirmation Screen" in between my input jsp and my
> success jsp.
> byproduct.action -> byproduct-input.jsp
> byproduct-input.jsp -> confirm.jsp
> (If yes...)
> confirm.jsp -> byproduct.action
> byproduct.action -> byproduct-success.action
> Is there a Struts 2 way to carry the input parameters across the confirm.jsp
> so the second call to byproduct.action has access to them?
> I've looked at the ChainInterceptor and ActionChaining and have a feeling
> the solution resides there, but could use a little help.  I hope I was clear
> enough... :)
> Thanks!

The short answer is no, not without intervention from you. You will need 
to arrange yourself for the data submitted from byproduct-input.jsp to 
be carried over so that it's available to byproduct.action.

Two ways to do that are:

1) place an action between byproduct-input.jsp and confirm.jsp which 
saves the submitted data into an object stored in the session, then 
retrieve that object in byproduct-success.action

2) place hidden fields in confirm.jsp that correspond to the inputs in 
byproduct-input.jsp, populating them from the request parameters. Make 
sure that confirm.jsp calls byproduct.action using a form submit (not 
just a link) so that the data in the hidden inputs gets sent.

You should probably be submitting byproduct-input.jsp to an action 
anyway, so that you can perform validation and/or expose any additional 
data that confirm.jsp might need but, other than that, the main thing 
affecting which approach you choose is whether you want to use or avoid 
the session.



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