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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: populating ActionFormBean-s
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2008 15:04:54 GMT
auz wrote:
> hope some1 can help me out, i have a Struts ActionFormBean who has a complex
> type as an attribute (also ActionFormBean), the problem is i dont know how
> to populate it, tryed everything. i presume i have to extend
> RequestProcessor's populateProcess  method or something like that, can any1
> help. NOTE i'm using struts 1.3.9. I have tryed all options for property
> name on page using struts tags ie (property="" or "bean2".
> "" )  and also made various setters for property bean1 but nothing
> gave any result every time i get beanUtils populate exception
> tnx
> i know this can be done, just dunno how, some code would also be apritiated 

Ditto :-) Post the code you're using, the stack trace for the exception 
and any other relevant log output and perhaps someone can see where 
you're going wrong. This should work pretty easily.

- Are both ActionFormBBean classes properly JavaBean compliant?

- Do you have the appropriate getter/setter pairs on the 'outer' bean 
for the 'inner' one? (i.e. getBean2() / setBean2() methods)

- how are you instantiating the inner bean? (statically? in bean1's 
constructor? in bean1's reset() method?)

You could also try cranking log levels up to debug and see if you can 
spot a problem in the additional log messages.


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