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From "Martin Gainty" <>
Subject Re: Submit, ajax, targets and action
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2008 23:46:47 GMT

//treeNodeSelected is a good example of divTag.innerHtml = data;
//in tags/ui/treeExampleDynamic.jsp
dojo.event.topic.subscribe("treeSelected", this, "treeNodeSelected");
    function treeNodeSelected(nodeId) {{
            url: "<s:url
value='/tags/ui/ajax/dynamicTreeSelectAction.action' />?nodeId="+nodeId,
            load: function(type, data, evt) {
                var displayDiv = dojo.byId("displayId");
                displayDiv.innerHTML = data;

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From: "Matthew Seaborn" <>
To: "Struts Users Mailing List" <>
Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2008 2:48 PM
Subject: RE: Submit, ajax, targets and action

Okay, got all this work; works fine. Cheers, Richard.

In the end it looked like

function submitFunctionA() {
preventCache: true,
load:    function(type, data, evt) {
$("#formId").html(data) ;
method: "POST",
formNode: dojo.byId("formId")

Note the use of jQuery in the load function; IE was being reluctant to
populate the innerHTML (apparently it does this with some HTML), jQuery
seemed to get round this.

Damned annoying the Struts 2 submit tag doesn't do it for us!

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From: Matthew Seaborn
Sent: 01 March 2008 15:31
To: 'Struts Users Mailing List'
Subject: RE: Submit, ajax, targets and action

Thanks for the advice.

How is this function supposed  to be used, is it called from onclick in
the s:submit tag?

-----Original Message-----
From: Richard Sayre []
Sent: 26 February 2008 18:42
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: Submit, ajax, targets and action

Sorry this posted too early... I updated the code so it submits the
form fields with the ajax request:

let me know if it helps.


>  function submitFunctionA() {
>   var kw = {
>                 url:    '<s:url action="myAction"/>',
>                 load:    function(type, data, evt) {
>                             //up to you what happens here
>                         },
>                 method: "POST",
>                 formNode: dojo.byId("myForm"),
>                 error: function(type, data, evt){
>                     //error
>                 }
>             };
>   ;
>     }
>  }

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