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From Magnus <>
Subject Struts 2: Designing faceted search - a general architecture/design issue
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 18:45:54 GMT

Does anyone have any experience using Struts 2 to implement a web app
that provides faceted search? (Using Lucene/LARQ etc.)

I'm wondering what the best approach is, using SiteMesh/Tiles ie, when
it comes to the architecture/design of the web app.

The basic idea is to provide the user with a search function that
presents the result list in the main content (center div) of the page,
with faceted navigation based on the search results on the left (left
div). Using the facets will then filter the search result, or perform
a new search using the added search parameters.

PS: I'm aware of Solr, but want to do it from "scratch".

- Magnus

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