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Subject Using sets of objects with tags
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2008 17:59:22 GMT
Perhaps this is the wrong place to seek help, and perhaps there is no
direct solution to my problem, but I have to try.

I am loading a simple set of objects representing users in an action; they
have names, passwords, etc., all loaded from a database.

I am displaying the elements of this set in a .jsp using the iterator tag,
creating a table of user objects with names, passwords, etc. Easy enough.

Next, I use the iterator to create textfield tags instead of property
tags, with the goal of allowing the viewer to edit all of the fields.

My problem is, how do I submit all of these fields? Understand that there
is a varying number of fields, and possibly quite a lot of them, so just
hardcoding matching setters/getters for N uniquely identified DOM tree
elements seems a poor solution.

I know I can just read in the submission stream and parse from there but I
was wondering if there is some elegant struts solution that I am missing.
If necessary I will happily provide illustrative code and links to

Sorry again if this is not the place to pose this question, but various
forums have proved to be unresponsive. If this is the wrong place, please
let me know and I will refrain from doing so in the future.

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