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Subject Re: Using sets of objects with tags
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2008 18:54:44 GMT
> Struts 2?

Sorry, yes I am using Struts 2.

> Er, what other forums would you have tried?

Varied coding forums that happened to have a
struts/hibernate/whatever-else subsection

> Use map- (and/or) index-based field names. Trivial with S2, don't actually
> remember for S1.

I may not understand what you are saying.

I have a set of varying size that needs to generate modifiable text fields
for each element in the set. This means that within my Action I simply
load up a Set/Map and then in the .jsp use the iterator tag to pre-fill
the text fields. The text fields are inside a form tag.

If I use index based field names, other than directly parsing the stream,
is there a way to retrieve the modifications made to the text fields in
the Action to which I submit the form?

If a visual example would help, the site I am being asked to develop can
be found here:

Feel free to login as username: test, password: test

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