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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: [S2] Menu Tag Library struts-config.xml problem.
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2008 16:30:20 GMT
I don't know about S2/Struts-Menu integration, but I guarantee you that
blindly following instructions for an S1 application has no chance of working
in a typical S2 application.


--- sassien <> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am used to JSF, and, trying to learn how to handle struts 2, I noticed
> that there is no integrated tag to create menus (like richFaces, for
> example).
> So I found this library: "Struts-menu", which had initially been written
> for
> Struts 1.
> I guess you guys know it and I wonder how you made it work. I found a few
> threads on this subjects but they were not really helpful for me:
> according to the documentation, we have to configure the struts-config.xml
> file. Ok, but I don't have any struts-config.xml file... I thought it was
> not useful in struts 2.
> Anyway, created one and I wrote this to reference the plugin:
> <struts-config>
> <plug-in className="">
>   <set-property property="menuConfig" value="/WEB-INF/menu-config.xml"/>
> <!-- Default settings -->
> </plug-in>
> </struts-config>
> Then I created the menu-config.xml file, with this code:
> </MenuConfig>
> <Displayers>
>  <Displayer name="TabbedMenu"
> type="net.sf.navigator.displayer.TabbedMenuDisplayer"/>
> </Displayers>
> <Menus>
>  <Menu name="contactMenu" title="Contact" location="?Contact">
>    <Item name="email" title="E-Mail" location="?EMail"/>
>    <Item name="phone" title="Phone" location="?Phone"/>
>  </Menu>
> </Menus>
> </MenuConfig>
> in summary, I did exactly what was written on the "userGuide" page. But I
> still get this error that says that the menu repository could not be
> obtained...
> Looking on forums, I found that it could be because of a library, so I
> tried
> to add every library included in the sample application which we can
> download on the same website. Nothing helps...
> By the way, this sample application does work, if I deploy it, but I cannot
> find the way to make the menus work on my own project. Anyway, it seems
> that
> this sample application is made with struts 1, so it does not really help
> in
> my case.
> I guess that I am not the only one that have or will have this problem, so
> maybe someone who did it can give a summary of how to configure this
> library
> on struts 2?
> Actually, I wonder if the application considers the "struts-config.xml"
> file, as it has not been referenced anywhere... I tried to add something in
> the "web.xml" file to reference it, but then everything crashed, so now I
> might give up... actually I would already have done it if I had found an
> other menu-library ;-)
> I hope someone will be able to answer my question, and I hope my text is
> clear enough... :-)
> regards,
> sassien
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