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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: usage of Preparable interface?
Date Thu, 01 May 2008 13:25:41 GMT
Adam Hardy on 01/05/08 13:51, wrote:
> Jeromy Evans on 01/05/08 12:48, wrote:
>> Adam Hardy wrote:
>>> I have been casting around for a while for the most elegant and 
>>> quick-to-code mechanism for putting populating lists for select 
>>> controls.
>>> I wanted to run this one idea past the struts users to get any 
>>> feedback on something I may have missed or need to know.
>>> One requirement I set myself is that I want to avoid coding for the 
>>> dropdown lists in every action method.
>>> The Preparable action interface seems ideally suited for this situation.
>>> I can write a prepare() method and use its MethodFilterInterceptor to 
>>> turn it on only when doing reads. My creates, saves and deletes don't 
>>> need lists because they do Post-Redirect-Gets back to the appropriate 
>>> read.
>>> The reason I ask is that the struts docs make clear that Preparable 
>>> is intended for use in param and model management. Is anyone else 
>>> using Preparable to do other stuff like this?
>> I've been toying with the idea of creating a custom interceptor to do 
>> this.  It would be effectively the same as you describe, except that 
>> it would inspect the action for the presence of some interface, 
>> annotation, or method, and examine the request for some characteristic 
>> (eg. get method) and if matched it creates/looks up the model and 
>> injects it into an appropriate scope (eg. into the action, into the 
>> action context, request scope, or onto the valuestack).
>> That way you could remove all the boilerplate from your actions.
>> eg, If it placed the model into the actioncontext you could 
>> potentially use
>> <s:select name="state" list="#states"/>
>> without your action providing the list or getter at all (except 
>> something must instruct the interceptor to load it).
>> Just some ideas.
> I thought about putting it all in the interceptor but I think it could 
> get unwieldy once the application grows.
> Plus, there may be logic in the list call to restrict the list in some 
> way. I guess you could do that in an interceptor by casting your action 
> to what you know it is and then calling the required methods on your model.
> My boiler plate code isn't so bad, and in fact the only boiler plate 
> stuff is the catch block.
> By the way, how would you figure out what the method being called is? 
> Hard-code a call to fetch anything prefixed "method:" from the HTTP 
> params? Or is there something on the Struts API already?

Is there an easier way?

String method = 

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