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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: dojo 1.1 in struts 2.0.11 portlets
Date Tue, 06 May 2008 02:42:30 GMT
tom tom wrote:
> Thanks Jeromy,
> If we use direct dojo calls (dojo 1.1) without using
> struts ajax tags, Will there be any issues linking
> these components with server side Struts Action and
> form classes, 
> e.g if I have a dojo 1.1 Grib will I be able to
> utilize the serverside struts action classes, are
> there any best practice for this.
> My first objective is to have dojo Grid inside a jsp,
> with CRUD/sorting and pagination 
> And 
> Link this Grid with the Struts 2 Action classes,
> Is there any practices to follow to achieve, is this
> doable
> Thanks

Hi haven't used Dojo's grid myself so I can only speculate on a suitable 
approach, but I do use the YUI datagrid with a json datasource and all 
the features you described.
Struts2 actions are actually very good at this.  Create an action that 
will be the datasource for the grid (on for the page; for the grid).  I 
use the action to setup a bean that matches the model used by grid, and 
then use the JSON plugin result or REST plugin to serialize the bean as 
JSON or XML.  I created a factory that could create an appropriate table 
model from a collection of beans.  If you make it match exactly what 
dojo expects then there'll be very little work to do on the client-side.
If you make the model generic you can reuse it for all your different 
grids; this is the kind of thing that does belong in a dojo plugin.
Jeromy Evans

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