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Subject Aw: Struts 2 / Eclipse
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2008 12:50:53 GMT
Hi Andrew,

I had the same problem some weeks ago and did it the following way:

I prefer to use the Sysdeo Eclipse Tomcat Launcher plugin (
This gives you integrated Tomcat start/stop functionality and also adds a "Tomcat project"
which gives you the basic infrastructure of a web app.
Then I copy the files from a working Struts (2) application into this project. The Struts
blank application is a good (and minimal) choice. With this you do have the basics of a Struts
based web app in an Eclipse project.
You will have to do some tuning (e. g. add the libraries which you copied to WEB-INF/lib to
your build path, adapt the package structure, ...). I had a bit to fight with the Struts Blank
app packages but renaming them helped.

If you are interested I can send you a zipped minimal project generated this way. It should
work even if you are not using the plugin. In that case you probably have to add the servlet
jars manually to the project.


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> From: Andrew Myers <>
> Subject: Struts 2 / Eclipse
> To:
> Date: Monday, June 2, 2008, 3:17 AM
> Hi,
> I've used Struts in the past but have spent a few years
> working with
> other technologies.
> I would like to come back to Struts again however and
> thought I'd look
> at Struts 2.
> I was hoping to set up a project in Eclipse however I'm
> struggling
> with it.  I found this article in the archives, dated
> October 2006 -
> - however I haven't found it answers all my questions.
> I have managed to create a project as suggested, however I
> have no
> idea now how to Run it.  I was hoping to be able to right
> click on the
> project and select "Run on Server" but that
> doesn't seem to be an
> option.
> Can anyone please share with me their secrets as to how to
> easily
> start up a Struts 2 project in Eclipse?
> Many thanks,
> Andrew.

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