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From Stetze2008 <>
Subject s:select - execute action onChange
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2008 19:12:43 GMT
hi I'm sorry but I did not find a quick solution for my problem on the web.

I want to execute an action if another value of the select-box was selected.
So i guess I have to use the onChange attribute but I dont know how.

this is my actual form:

    <s:form action="changeDefaultScope" namespace="/user" method="POST" 
                <s:select list="myList" key="label.allscopes"
                    listKey="id" listValue="name" value="myValue" 
emptyOption="false" name="scopeId" theme="simple" />
                <s:submit  key="button.changeScope" theme="simple" />

I would like to call the action without the submit button. (Javasscript 
- onChange)

Can anybody help? Thanks in advance.

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