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From Pranav <>
Subject need help with validation
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2008 15:50:40 GMT

I am facing problem with validation. I need urgent help if someone can provide it I will greatly
appreciate that.

I have an action entryAction which renders entry.jsp. In entry.jsp I display certain properties
from the action class using s:property as well as I display a list of items in a drop down
using s:iterator and and option tags. Along with this data display I also display a file upload
form. Once the user chooses a file and uploads it then control goes to uploadSuccess.jsp via But if there are validation errors like file name is missing then control
is supposed to go back to input page i.e. entry.jsp. I have tried both XML based validation
as well as validation in Action class code. The validation works, errors are displayed on
entry.jsp as expected but the property fields and the drop down data that were being displayed
before the validation was triggered are no longer available on the UI. they are all blank.
I do not know how to cause the entryAction to execute when validation error causes the entry.jsp
to display due to <result
 name="input">entry.jsp</result> configuration. Can someone please guide me as to
how to solve this problem with struts2? Is there any configuration parameter that I can pass
or is there any kind of interceptor that I have to use? How do I cause an action to invoke
when input result is configured as a jsp file?



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