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From "Zhang, Larry (L.)" <>
Subject Tiles questions
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2008 17:30:08 GMT

I have a mainLayout which has a header, body and footer.(and thus I have
4 jsps, mainLayout.jsp, header.jsp, body.jsp, and footer.jsp, and notice
that body.jsp will be different for each different screen page).

One setting can be of:

<!-- shared by all -->
<definition name="mainLayout" path="/jsp/common/mainLayout.jsp">
        <put name="header" value="/jsp/common/header.jsp" />
	  <put name="body" value="" />
        <put name="footer" value="/jsp/common/footer.jsp" />

<!-- this is different from each screen page -->
<definition name="viewemployee" extends="mainLayout">
   <put name="body" value="/jsp/employee/employee.jsp" />

Then I have a further requirement: Manager pages's body has left, middle
and right. All manager pages will have common left and right, but middle
will be different. So I define the managerBody like

	<!-- every manager page shares this -->
	 <definition name="managerBody"
		<put name="left" value="/jsp/common/left.jsp"/>
		<put name="middle" value=""/>
		<put name="right" value="/jsp/common/right.jsp"/>

Then if I have managerPage1, I can define as:

 <definition name="managerPage1" extends="mainLayout">
      	<put name="body" value="managerBody"/>
		<put name="middle"

Unfortunately, this doesn't work. Can somebody help? Thanks.

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