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From Al Sutton <>
Subject Re: Validate associate Map
Date Sun, 17 Aug 2008 12:32:46 GMT
If you can tell me how to put XML example code into an audio form I 
might start to believe you about them selling as anything more than a 

The biggest problem is that when dealing with computers you are 
extremely rarely dealing with the English language and the various code 
snippets, configuration files, etc. are only really of benefit when 
available visually as reference when reading (or hearing) the other 
parts of the text.

But hey, if you want to record a podcast that has code 
snippets/configuration examples in it and prove me wrong feel free to go 
for it.


P.S. I've you want some career advice, work on the attention span. I've 
seen a number of people fired for looking incompetent because they kept 
disrupting co-workers with questions which could have been answered by 
reading the manual and they got bored of the job they have to do and 
churn out some really s**t code whilst messing around with other 
things.. most employers really don't like it. wrote:
> Dude, I totally think technical books on audio would sell!  Most NERDS (like
> myself) have the attention span of a moth and are so busy chasing shiny
> things they can never get to the end of a book!  I would slam an aBook in my
> iPod for the commute.  For a great example of what I mean by attention span
> disorder, check this <> out.
> On Sat, Aug 16, 2008 at 3:23 PM, Dave Newton <> wrote:
>> --- On Sat, 8/16/08, Al Sutton wrote:
>>> lol... I've just had a mental image of Dave reading the
>>> XML examples.....
>> I have a very soothing XML voice.
>> I'm like the Isaac Hayes (but alive-ier) of structured text.
>> Dave
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