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From "Ylva Degerfeldt" <>
Subject Re: Why do s:select and s:submit add a <tr> ?
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2008 18:16:46 GMT
Ok, now I think I have created a new theme, by copying the templates
of xhtml, changing some things and added things according to the
example in:

In short - what I'm trying to do is to create some templates that
allow an arbitrary number of columns in the form (exactly like what
they did in the page I linked to), but I'm having some problems:

It seems that the new theme isn't working but I can't tell for sure
since I'm not getting any errors. I don't even know if I've put the
theme in the right place in the NetBeans (5.5.1) structure. Is there a
way to check that?
Is there always an error when a theme can't be found?

So you know, in my jsp I have written (before the s:form tag):

<s:bean name="java.util.HashMap" id="qTableLayout">
                <s:param name="tablecolspan" value="%{10}" />
(like in the example) and I've set the "theme" attribute of the s:form
tag to "qxhtml".

There's also a possibility that my mistake is that I didn't remove
enough stuff from the controlheader-core.ftl and controlfooter.ftl
templates. (I was supposed to remove the emitting of the <tr> tags but
it was a bit hard to know exactly what to remove since I'm completely
new to templates and don't even know the Freemarker language.)
But I'd like to know if That was my mistake, or that I put the
template files in the wrong place.

This is very confusing, so it would be Great if someone could help me!
Thanks in advance!


On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 3:49 PM, Ylva Degerfeldt
<> wrote:
> Thank you, Dave and Stephan!
> I've followed those links and I'm reading about it right now..
>> short version: use the theme="simple" attribute
> No, because I like the automatic error handling and label generation.
>> Are you user a html-form or the struts2-form-tag? I guess it's the html-form from
what you write (which wouldn't be that good).
>> If you don't like the style struts-forms are displayed on default, write your on
theme. See the "How to create your own themes based on existing themes" link on the themes-and-templates-page
which has been given to you at the top.
> I'm using the struts2-form-tag. I'm just so new to this so I wrote my
> own table tags because that's what I'm used to.
> I think what I want is to extend the xhtml theme, so I'll try to do
> that, with the help of the links and "Struts 2 in Action" (which I
> also have).
> Thanks!
> /Ylva

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