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From "Ylva Degerfeldt" <>
Subject Re: Why do s:select and s:submit add a <tr> ?
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2008 15:45:43 GMT
Hi again!
I'm still struggling with the theme. See below..

>> I don't even know if I've put the theme in the right place
>> in the NetBeans (5.5.1) structure. Is there a way to check
>> that?
> Where did you put it? Did you read the template loading page?

Yes, I read that but I'm afraid that "Templates ae loaded first by
searching the application and then by searching the classpath" is not
helping me since I haven't been able to figure out exactly what the
classpath of NetBeans is. I've tried putting the template files in
different places and changing the value of the property
"struts.ui.templateDir" according to that..

But then I decided to download the code that belonged to the theme tutorial at: (which
I mentionend earlier)

..and to do as much as possible like they had done. About the location
of the files, they had put it in /WEB-INF/classes/template, so I did
that to and changed the value of the struts property to:


I think that location is ok since I tried a different location once
(right under /WEB-INF) and then actually got an exception, saying that
the files of this theme couldn't be found, but now I don't get that

I also compared my "controlheader-core.ftl", "controlfooter.ftl", the
newly created "controlheader-trlogic.ftl" and "controlfooter-trlogic"
to the downloaded equivalents and found that I needed to add some
stuff (like an #include in controlheader-core that includes
controlheader-trlogic, which I actually had thought that I might need)
and remove some other stuff, so I did that.

Now my ftl files look exactly like the ones I downloaded, but when I
run the application I still get the 2 column theme, and I wonder why.

One difference between what I've done and what was done in the
downloaded examples is that I don't have the "tablecolspan" variable
(used for inst. like "<#if qTableLayout?exists &&
qTableLayout.tablecolspan?exists >
                           <#assign columnCount =
qTableLayout.currentColumnCount />)
as a property in any action. I thought that maybe there was no need
when you just wanted to set the nr of columns from the jsp like:

<s:bean name="java.util.HashMap" id="qTableLayout">
                <s:param name="tablecolspan" value="%{10}" />

I thought that the "tablecolspan" somehow was created automatically,
but maybe I'm wrong. Is that why it's not working?

Please, Dave or anybody who knows how to do this, can you help me
figure this out? (I attached the most significant files in case you
need to see them.) I just want the easiest way to be able to change
the number of columns in a theme, and I thought the example I followed

(And I can't spend a really long time learning about some complicated
template stuff because I really need to finish this whole project in
three weeks to finish my education, get an income and a life again..
Sorry for being personal but that's the way it is.)

Please please help me!


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