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From Andreas Mähler <>
Subject [S2] Method dependant validation
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2008 14:33:01 GMT
Hello everyone,

maybe this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find any 
postings on the topic:

How can I validate my input in dependency of the action method (without 

I know that method dependant processing is possible with the 
PrepareInterceptor (i.e. prepareDoThis, prepareDoThat methods that are 
automatically invoked). I checked the Struts2.1.2 docs[1], but it seems 
that the ValidationInterceptor does not offer this feature. I also can't 
find a way to make annotation based validation method dependant, which 
would also be very useful. (Think of a 'method' parameter that is a 
comma-seperated list of methods for which the validation applies - 
default is all).

As I thought that this is mainly a WebWork issue, I found this 
thread[2]. Someone is saying that it (at least the part with the 
source-based validation) is implemented in WebWork2.2, but it seems that 
S2 is still using 2.1 - will this change in the near future?



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