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From "Jim Kiley" <>
Subject Re: [S2] One hidden value doesn't get submitted (another one does). Why?
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2008 13:12:19 GMT

You will probably get better results from the list if you can isolate your
problem precisely and describe it more succinctly.


On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 1:32 PM, Ylva Degerfeldt

> Hi,
> My current problem is about a hidden value which isn't saved to the Action.
> This is the background information I think is needed:
> The value in question (called "state") is an int property of a POJO
> called "InfoObject". Other relevant properties of the POJO are "id" (a
> String) and "name" (Str.)
> In my application a List of these objects is generated and saved in
> the current HttpSession.
> The action that generates that list calls a JSP which iterates through
> the List (using "#session.nameOfList") and for each object shows
> certain properties and gives the user a chance to change their values
> by using select boxes and buttons (One row equals one object in the
> list).
> The thing that isn't entirely working right now is this: In each
> generated row there's an "Edit" button. When the user clicks it, the
> "name" Label (to the left in the row) should change into a TextField
> (so the user can edit it) and stay a TextField until the user clicks
> the "Save" button of that row. This behaviour is controlled by the
> "state" variable of the "InfoObject" (0 means that "name" should be a
> Label and 1 means a TextField).
> The corresponding Action of the form that shows this List has get- and
> set properties for the List along with an "index" property. The
> "index" property takes the value of the index of the object in the
> List whose "Edit" button was pushed (e.g. the index of the row).
> By the way, this Action always returns to the input page. (I'm having
> another Action for proceeding)
> I get this far: When I click an "Edit" button for the first time the
> right index is saved to the "index" property of the Action and I
> change the "state" from 0 to 1 for the corresponding object. Then the
> JSP is rendered again and the "name" value of the corresponding row is
> shown in a TextField instead of a Label which is correct.
> Then I try clicking on the "Edit" button of another row, but when the
> JSP is rendered again the "state" value belonging to the first row has
> changed back to 0 and it's only the "new" row which shows the "name"
> as a TextField.
> When I debugged the code I noticed that the "state" value is not
> submitted to the Action (the "setState" method of the objects is never
> called). I have the "state" value as a Hidden field in the form.
> Another hidden field is the "id" field. The weird thing is that the
> "id" field gets submitted though "state" doesn't, and the s:hidden
> tags (and values) have the same structure:
> <s:hidden name = "MyList[%{#iterState.index}].name" value = "%{name}"/>
> <s:hidden name = "MyList[%{#iterState.index}].state" value = "%{state}"/>
> I've also searched for spelling errors but have not found any.
> I can add that at first I didn't have a field for "state" in the JSP
> but then I realized that I should have one, so I added the Hidden
> field and did a "Clean and build" of the app.
> Another important thing (which May be the cause of this problem but I
> can't tell yet) is that my List is saved in two places (though for a
> short while). I want to keep it in the Session and the first time the
> JSP is shown I have to pick the List from the session
> (#session.MyList), Don't I?
> Then each instance of the Action that is called afterwards gets its
> own copy of the list and (if I understand correctly), if I didn't do
> anything about it, the list would be in two places of the
> ActionContext when the JSP is to be rendered again (in the Session and
> in the Action instance). Though, in my Action I set the Session
> reference to the List (a HttpSession attribute) to point to the List
> instance of the Action (because I want to keep it updated). Could that
> be causing the problem?
> I think it would be good if I could reference the List in the JSP Only
> from the Action, but the First time that can't be done (and then I
> Always have to get it from the Session, right?) Is there anyone who
> has made a similar application and can tell me how he/she did it (I
> mean just this "session and Action thing")?
> But.. Back at the first problem. I'm not sure if this "list in two
> places" thing is causing the problem but it might be.
> Anyway, I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this!
> (Meanwhile I'll read some more in "Struts 2 in Action" to see if that
> clears up anything.)
> Big Thanks in advance!
> /Ylva
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